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K-Pop Survivor is a survival game based off the hit reality show in which contestants are voted off each round until one contestant remains - the survivor! This is the one comm on livejournal where fandoms can go to war, all in the interest of fun and lulz of course.

How does it work? Well, idols are randomly sorted into groups (the quarter finals). Participants will have 2 days to place their votes for the idol they want to be eliminated. The idol with the highest amount of votes will be eliminated and this will continue until the number of idols is reduced enough for groups to be combined; a merger into a smaller number of groups (the semi finals).

Eventually there will only be enough idols left for the one group (the finals) and participants will vote to eliminate until just 2 idols remain. At this point participants will vote for the idol they want to win; last man (and woman) standing! There will be two seperate survivors taking place once a year - one female version and one male version. After their respective wins they will be pitted against one another to find out who is the ultimate survivor for the year!

At first it may seem a simple popularity game with the least popular idol leaving each round, but that's not true; K-Pop Survivor is an inherently strategic game, where you're encouraged to go all out to see the idol you support go as far as possible. Teams are formed, alliances between those teams are created and broken, and gifs and macros surface in an attempt to sway votes. Slander campaigns? Probable. Bribery? A given. Cheating on behalf of the mods to save their favourites? Definitely. Never! With the right organisation and connections, even the most minor of idols can see victory. So come, support your fandoms and let your fangirl and fanboy colours fly; the game can be as fun as you make it.

Interested? We hoped you would be. All you have to do to take part is join the comm, but if you're unclear on the nature of the game, a clearer explanation is right here. Want to be part of the strategizing and manipulations? Check out the team formation post.

The game starts the 1st of August. We hope to see you there!


Want to know a secret?

You are beautiful.

Black, white, gay, straight, bisexual. Whether you are smart or quiet or impossibly in love with your best friend, someone out there cherishes your smile and gets butterflies when you walk into a room.

Someone out there can't stop thinking about you. You Are Beautiful. Don't ever believe differently.

Just a little hope for everyone.



Rain is a gloomy thing that love isn't supposed to come from. Rain what is it? A water droplet from the clouds that makes a splash when it lands. Besides that rain is what can hide the tears of a person that just buried their grandmother, rain causes life changing events. Maybe it's not rain it's self but it's always raining when a person gets bad news. When it rains people stay in hide away from others. Among these things it also brings kisses in the rain. The kiss that has been put of to long. Now love itself comes after the rain with the sun and flowers, never with it.

What is love then? Love a feeling to strong to describe or explain. Love is like a flower when it blooms it's beautiful but things beautiful can't stay the same so when a flower wilts love does the same. Love makes you do crazy things, sometimes makes you blind with it. One can only hope for true love and when it does come to you, you hold on as long a possible. Love is the butterflies in your stomach after that someone smiles, it's the buzz in your ears when they speak to you. All together love is hard you will never find it easy when everything around tells you it's wrong love them. Your head and heart clash at what it wrong and what is right. Lets hope you chose your heart or it could end in disaster. 

Love come before or after the rain never with it.  Maybe that;s why this love story is a hard to explain because their love came with the rain. That's why the universe that follows that one simple rule fell with these two. That's why no one could see their love for what was....is. To explain this let's start at the beginning with the names of these two people.

Their name where Kris Allen and Adam Lambert.

Should I continue this?




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